The Sisterhood is Where Every Woman Belongs

Past generations have thrived on their community of women, but today it's increasingly difficult to build and maintain friendships that are deep, as well as joyful.

The Sisterhood mission is to build connection, strengthen friendships, and become a community of strong, loving women who support, encourage, and inspire one another.

The Sisterhood is about being FOR each other.  We are about cheering each other on to bigger dreams and higher goals.  We are about getting to know the whole person...and loving right where you are.

The Sisterhood really is the place where every woman belongs.

Come find your place with us in the nest! 

We'll save you a spot!

The Sisterhood Packages

The Sisterhood offers three types of involvement:

  • Free
  • SASS: "Save A Seat Sister" Package
  • SASS PLUS:  Includes Summer Escape

As always, every woman is considered to be part of the nest as soon as you attend an event.  Every member will receive newsletters, an inspirational print, and our Spotify playlists.  We welcome you!

See "Join Our Nest" for complete details!


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Join or Host a Small Group

In addition to monthly events, many of our "sisters" host small groups that you can participate in.  If you'd like to join one, or start one, we can lead you in the right direction!

You can join a group in your neighborhood, at your office, or even online if you cannot attend in person!  We have a spot for every woman!

The small groups are a great place to form lasting bonds, share life experiences, and this is how we get to know each other in big ways.  We hope that you'll join one of these many "nests"!

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Become A Sisterhood Ambassador

Want to bring The Sisterhood to your city or state?

It's true:  The Sisterhood is branching out!  We have a goal to reach women everywhere, all over the world.  The work and "thinking" has been done for you.  We know what works, and what doesn't.  We have packaged it all up to get you started.

Does this idea light your fire?

We are ready to share it ALL with you!

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